Endowment Funds

Endowment funds are special contributions whereby the principal gift is invested in order to perpetuate the fund for future generations. The income from the endowment gift is used for the specific purpose of the fund.

An endowment fund gift may be made through gifts of cash, securities, real estate or life insurance. Endowment fund opportunities are available to preserve and enhance hospice care in our community. Funds may be named in memory of a loved one, in honor of a special person or reflect a donor’s interest. Individual gifts may be made to existing endowment funds at any time.

Current Endowment Funds at Hospice & Community Care:

Janet T. Carroll Staff Excellence Endowment Fund

Nancy M. & H. Carter Clements Dementia Care Endowment Fund

Charles. L. Deardorff, MD Medical Education Endowment Fund

Mary E. Graner Capital Asset Endowment Fund

Cedric E. Grosnick Scholarship Endowment Fund

Herberge Endowment Fund

Olivia L. Lynch Rainbow Endowment Fund

Beverly McCann Flower Endowment Fund

John A. Neville Cultural Awareness Endowment Fund

Donald C. Wilson Endowment Fund

Ruach “Breath of God” Endowment Fund

The Dorothy J. Patterson Garden Endowment Fund

The Jenna Mae Gunselman Butterfly Endowment Fund

The William “Tom” McClure, Jr. Inpatient Needs Endowment Fund

The HOPE in the AIR Endowment Fund

Please contact Amy Lewis, Director of Philanthropy, at (717) 735-8729 or alewis@hospicecommunity.org, or Bonnie Jess Lopane, CFRE, Vice President, Chief Development Officer, at (717) 391-2407 or bjesslopane@hospicecommunity.org for more information.