Women’s Giving Circle

Enhancing and strengthening patient care through the power of pooled and targeted contributions

Join this special group of women today! The Women’s Giving Circle provides women with a unique opportunity to pool their individual annual $500 contribution and together, fund specific patient care needs of Hospice & Community Care. In 2021, 171 Women’s Giving Circle members funded 17 projects with $85,500 of pooled donations.

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Hospice & Community Care’s Women’s Giving Circle began in 2004 with 24 women who joined together on a philanthropic journey to support Hospice & Community Care. The Circle has grown significantly since then and has raised nearly $750,000 since 2004 to support 198 Hospice & Community Care programs and projects.

2022 Calendar of Events

All events are open to members and any woman who is interested in learning more about the Women’s Giving Circle. While the pandemic continues, Hospice & Community Care will be providing updates on these events on this page.

2021 Funded Projects

Click here for more information, as well as a history of funded projects

  • Extended Stay Fund
  • Handmade Gowns, Pillows, and Blankets for Inpatient Center
  • Reusable Bed Pads for Home Hospice Patients
  • Gift Cards
  • Medline Powered Base Stand Assist Lift with Slings
  • Hospital Bed Sheets
  • Pulmonary Support
  • Medisets for Patients
  • Supportive Care
  • Ambulance Assistance Fund
  • Dementia Resources
  • Wound Care Specialty Course
  • Pathways Center for Grief & Loss
  • Seating Solutions
  • Spill Proof Mugs for Inpatient Center Patients
  • International Normalized Ratio Coagulation Machine
  • Clinical Patient Special Needs Fund

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