Memorial Garden Ornament

Viocity Group, a family of companies, has created these beautiful, memorial garden ornaments for 2023. The ornaments cost $25 and can be purchased by completing the form below or contacting Hospice & Community Care’s Development Office at (717) 295-3900. Supplies are limited. All proceeds from the garden ornaments will support Hospice’s Sunflower Pediatric Program and help to provide personalized, quality care and comfort at home for seriously ill children, teens and their families in our community.

In 2015, the artisans and craftsmen of Viocity Group created metal butterflies which quickly became recognized as a symbol of peace and hope. As the popularity of these butterflies grew, the company started to see that they had a larger purpose. In 2017, the company formed HOPE in the AIR. Since its creation, HOPE in the AIR and its supporters have met some amazing individuals and together they have helped provide hope through this effort. This year, Hospice & Community Care’s Sunflower Pediatric Program has been selected as one of HOPE in the AIR’s 2023 causes. To learn more about HOPE in the AIR, visit