Providing Care and Comfort for Pediatric Patients

“I recently had a moment with a pediatric patient that I will never forget,” shared Laura Burns, RN Case Manager. “This young man was a huge fan of disc golf and wanted to go and watch a tournament in Delaware. His favorite player was going to be there and meeting this player was one of his hopes and wishes. His parents had reservations about him being able to attend due to weakness and how his illness had progressed. With the help of Hospice & Community Care’s Sunflower Pediatric Team, I was able to set up the trip and even get our patient’s favorite player to have a meet and greet with he and his family. After the trip, he and his family could not stop smiling and sharing how special this day meant them. It is truly a time that touched my heart and it is something that I will never forget. I am so fortunate that I could be a part of this memorable experience.”

Children have always held a special place in Laura’s heart. When she was younger, she knew that she wanted to work in a profession that involved children. “Pediatric patients who are at the end of life need special care and attention,” commented Laura. “These children are very vulnerable. I strive to make their end of life peaceful, while helping their parents and families find comfort at an otherwise difficult time.”

Laura manages the day-to-day care of Hospice & Community Care’s pediatric patients. She provides in-home nursing care and education to patients and families, and coordinates care between Hospice & Community Care and patients’ physicians. She also serves as the coordinator of the organization’s Sunflower Pediatric Team. Comprised of physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, massage and music therapists, grief counselors, and volunteers, the team provides an extra layer of emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial support for patients and their families.

“There are so many rewarding parts of my job,” commented Laura. “I love being able to put a smile on a patient’s face by remembering the little things that he or she likes to do or simply asking them something that has nothing to do with their diagnosis or prognosis. Getting a simple ‘thank you’ from a parent for a visit or knowing that I was able to help them through a difficult time is rewarding. I love knowing that I helped someone or made someone’s day a little easier by listening and providing knowledge and education.”

Laura and all Hospice & Community Care employees make a significant impact on the lives of patients and their families, and go above and beyond to honor our patients’ hopes and wishes.

“I enjoy working at Hospice & Community Care because the organization strives to make a difference in its patients’ lives every day,” shared Laura. “I am valued as a person and I am not seen as ‘just another employee.’ Hospice & Community Care values my opinions and insures that I have the resources and education needed to provide high-quality nursing care to patients and their families.”

Join Laura and the more than 400 Hospice & Community Care employees who are providing personalized care and comfort to nearly 650 patients and families each day. If you or someone you know is seeking a rewarding career in healthcare, please visit today!