Genovese and McFadden Honored as Health Care Heroes

Hospice & Community Care RN Celeste Genovese and volunteer Joyce McFadden were recently honored by the Central Penn Business Journal as 2023 Health Care Heroes. Celeste was recognized as the 2023 Senior Care Hero and Joyce was recognized as the 2023 Volunteer Hero. As a Senior Care Hero, Celeste was recognized for her commitment to advancing the health and wellness of older adults. Joyce was recognized for selflessly giving of her time and talents to provide care and comfort to patients and families.

Senior Care Hero, Celeste Genovese
Little things mean a lot, as the old saying goes. For one of Celeste’s patients during the pandemic, that little thing was a McDonald’s frappe or a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

“Those small surprises meant so much to my mom,” shared the patient’s daughter in her nomination letter about Celeste. “You have no idea what those kind gestures meant during Covid-19 lockdown when I was only allowed to visit at a closed window on the cellphone. Celeste was standing in my place taking care of mom’s need for human interaction when I was not allowed.”

Celeste is an RN Case Manager and has been with Hospice & Community Care since 2019.

“Choosing to work for Hospice & Community Care is the decision that had the biggest impact on my career,” shared Celeste. “I have loved being a nurse and have always enjoyed geriatric care but working for Hospice & Community Care has ignited my passion for work again.”

Celeste cares for patients who live in senior living facilities in York County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. She works closely with senior living staff to complement the care they provide to residents at the end of life. Celeste is also instrumental in helping Hospice & Community Care build and strengthen relationships with these facilities.

Celeste manages a high caseload while maintaining a strong team focus and working collectively to ensure the needs of patients and families are met. “Not only do we affect the patients we take care of but the families as well,” commented Celeste. “By providing teaching and education to the families, they are able to better take care of others.”

Volunteer Hero, Joyce McFadden
After serving 17 years as an RN for Hospice & Community Care, Joyce McFadden wasted no time in signing up as a volunteer after she retired. That was five and half years and 573 hours ago.

Joyce is known for her willingness to take on just about any volunteer need such as visiting patients in their homes and senior living facilities. “I provide patients with companionship,” shared Joyce. “Sometimes we just sit and talk or other times we go sightseeing.”

“As a volunteer, I wear my ‘nursing’ hat from time to time and provide feedback to clinical directors on how volunteers could and should not be involved in patient care. My hope is that my input is helping to ensure that all patients and families continue to have a positive end of life.”

Joyce also sees herself as an advocate for caregivers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Hospice & Community Care began a weekly program in which volunteers called patients and caregivers to see whether they needed any supplies, medications, or a nurse visit. A few months in, Joyce suggested asking about the health and wellbeing of the caregiver.

“Caregiving can be rewarding, but also challenging,” explained Joyce. “I am able to provide a break for caregivers so that they can run errands or go to appointments.” In the end, Joyce says what she does is about making sure the patient and their family knows they are not alone.

“I often hear from patients’ families that they appreciate me offering a listening ear and comfort,” shared Joyce. “They call me an ‘angel’ for the support that I provide, but it is because of Hospice & Community Care’s great reputation and employees that I can be an extra layer of support.

Congratulations Celeste and Joyce!