Matching Gifts

Multiply the impact of your contribution.

Many companies increase the value of their employees’ and retirees’ charitable contributions through matching gifts programs. Matching gifts programs may double or even triple your gift to Hospice & Community Care, at no additional cost to you. Some companies may enable you to make donations via payroll deduction, so Hospice & Community Care receives your donation and the matching gift in one lump sum.

How to match your gift:

Get a matching gifts form from your employer, fill out your portion and mail the form to Hospice & Community Care with your donation. For donations already made or those done online, send the matching gifts form via mail, e-mail or fax to:

Hospice & Community Care
Development Office
685 Good Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601

Fax:  (717) 391-9582

Many companies now offer online matching gifts processing, so no form is required – just let your company know you donated to Hospice & Community Care and they take care of the rest. To speak with a member of the Development Office staff at Hospice & Community Care, please call (717) 295-3900.