Women’s Giving Circle

Building and strengthening Hospice & Community Care…through the power of joint contributions

Be part of a group of women who are making things happen for Hospice & Community Care! The Women’s Giving Circle reached 171 members strong in 2021. The Women’s Giving Circle provides interested women with the unique opportunity to pool their individual annual contribution of $500 and have a greater impact by investing in programs and services that build and strengthen hospice-related programs through the power of joint contributions.

Hospice & Community Care’s Women’s Giving Circle began in 2004 with 24 women who joined together on a philanthropic journey to support Hospice & Community Care. The Circle has grown significantly since then and has raised nearly $750,000 since 2004 to support 198 Hospice & Community Care programs and projects.

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If you’re 70 ½ or older, you can join the Women’s Giving Circle for 2021 with a tax-free gift, by making a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA!

“It is difficult to put into words the expressions of appreciation felt from our patients and families as recipients of Women’s Giving Circle support. Physical relaxation of one’s face and shoulders and a mental calmness when wrapped in a warm blanket from our blanket warmer; the overwhelming sense of relief and peace knowing a loved one is granted an extended stay in The Bob Fryer & Family Inpatient Center; moments to pause and let minds wander and escape to an underwater world found in our aquariums; fresh feeling of a shampoo with shampoo caps when it seemed an impossible task, yet so necessary; and technology that supports staff presence and support for patients and families at the bedside. What may seem a small comfort measure has far reaching impact and communicates Hospice’s understanding that everything matters, details are important and Hospice & Community Care cares enough to go the extra mile to share in their unique experience.”   

~ Jean Parsons, Director, Inpatient Services, Hospice & Community Care

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Video Recordings of 2021 Events

    • Annual Project Awards (Virtual Meeting)
      Hear firsthand about the challenges and successes of 2021 from Hospice & Community Care’s President & CEO, Steve Knaub. You will also hear which projects were funded this year by the Women’s Giving Circle.
    • Educational Event
      Hear firsthand how Hospice & Community Care continues to provide end-of-life care and grief support during the pandemic, and an organization update. The video features Steve Knaub, President & CEO, Hospice & Community Care, Dr. D. Thais Magill, Director of Palliative Care; Jean Parsons, Director Inpatient Services; Minda Bernhardt, Licensed Practical Nurse; Ray Christman, Chaplain; and Elaine Ostrum, Pathways Center Adult Services Counselor.

2021 Funded Projects

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  • Extended Stay Fund
  • Handmade Gowns, Pillows, and Blankets for Inpatient Center
  • Reusable Bed Pads for Home Hospice Patients
  • Gift Cards
  • Medline Powered Base Stand Assist Lift with Slings
  • Hospital Bed Sheets
  • Pulmonary Support
  • Medisets for Patients
  • Supportive Care
  • Ambulance Assistance Fund
  • Dementia Resources
  • Wound Care Specialty Course
  • Pathways Center for Grief & Loss
  • Seating Solutions
  • Spill Proof Mugs for Inpatient Center Patients
  • International Normalized Ratio Coagulation Machine
  • Clinical Patient Special Needs Fund

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To join the Women’s Giving Circle, click here.