Clinical Patient Special Needs Fund












Hospice & Community Care’s Clinical Patient Special Needs Fund was created through the generosity of an individual who established this Fund in honor of friends and family with unique care needs. Funds are available to support the needs of patients and families that are not covered by Medicare or insurance, or for those who lack other financial resources.

Gift Cards for Groceries/Medication
Funds are distributed through Home Hospice social workers and help families pay for groceries, non-hospice medications and supplies.

Inpatient Extended Stay Fund
Funds provide care for patients who do not have the financial resources to privately pay for the costs associated with ongoing inpatient care when no longer covered by Medicare or insurance.

Translation/Interpretation Services
Funds pay for professional interpretation services to facilitate effective communication during Hospice care.

Services for the Sensory Impaired
Funds help to defer the costs for professional interpretation services for patients and families with hearing and vision impairments.

Pediatric Palliative Care
Funds pay for special equipment and unique needs for children and their families who are receiving care and support through the Sunflower Pediatric Palliative Program.

For more information, contact Amy Lewis, Director of Philanthropy at (717) 735-8729 or  You may also Contribute to the Clinical Patient Special Needs Fund here.