2019 Impact Report

Your Care. Your Community. Your Hospice.

This year Hospice & Community Care is celebrating 40 years of providing care and comfort for people in our community. As the organization enters 2020 from a position of strength and growth, it would not have been possible without a strong 2019. While 2020 marks a milestone anniversary, 2019 was a record-breaking year with numerous milestones of its own, many of which are featured throughout this web page. Thanks to the care and comfort provided by Hospice employees, volunteers and the generosity of the community, last year was extraordinary.

In 2019, we cared for an average census of 525 patients each day through Hospice Care and Supportive Care, an increase of 3.8% from 2018. While this was a record for the organization, Hospice staff continued to provide quality personalized care and comfort to help all patients and families live better with serious illness. Hospice & Community Care’s employees and volunteers go above and beyond each day to meet the needs of each patient and family. It is because of their dedication that the organization is able to celebrate 40 years of service.

As we cared for an increased number of patients and families your gifts made a significant impact. By making a gift to Hospice & Community Care you gave patients access to a nurse 24/7; a wife time to spend with her husband in the Bob Fryer & Family Inpatient Center; a child the chance to attend our grief camp and so much more. Whether you gave for the first time or you are an annual supporter, thank you for making a difference. Throughout this web page you will learn how your dollars are having a far reaching, lasting impact.

Hospice & Community Care anticipates new opportunities to continue its mission in 2020. The organization is excited for what this year has to bring and is grateful for a successful 2019. It is because of the community that we have been able to grow and provide the best end-of-life care for 40 years. Thank you for your support!

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Your Care

  • The Cedric E. Grosnick Scholarship Endowment Fund
    As in any profession, continuous learning for employees is key to keeping abreast of new trends and skills to deliver quality service. And Hospice & Community Care employees are no different. Learn how this Fund is helping Hospice employees meet the future needs of patients and families…
  • “You Move Forward, but You Don’t Move On” — the Andee and Ced Grosnick Story
    Andee Grosnick generously created The Cedric E. Grosnick Scholarship Endowment Fund in honor of her late husband, Dr. Cedric “Ced” Grosnick, who was cared for by Hospice & Community Care. Check out how Andee and Ced benefited from Hospice care…
  • “Meeting the Future Needs of Patients and Families” featuring Deb Gonzalez, MSW, CT, Bilingual Bereavement Counselor, Pathways Center for Grief & Loss
    Thanks to The Cedric E. Grosnick Scholarship Endowment Fund, Deb was able to not only grow her knowledge about bereavement support, but serve as a resource for others in the profession, learn how…

Your Community

  • Support After a Unique Loss
    Over the last several years, Hospice & Community Care’s Pathways Center for Grief & Loss has seen a significant uptick in the number of children, teens and adults supported who have lost a loved one due to overdose, addiction, suicide or other tragedy. Learn how we are helping to make that happen…
  • “A Comforting Place to Start Your Grief Journey” — the Dominique Miller Story
    Over the years thousands of people have come to the Pathways Center because of the death of a loved one. Fortunately, far fewer ever return at a later date because they experience a second, equally significant loved one’s death. But Dominique Miller is one of those people. Watch how Dominique found support after a double tragedy…

Your Hospice

  • Clinical Patient Special Needs Fund
    “Everyone deserves the same medical care, regardless of financial means or capabilities. They deserve dignity,” shared Martha Shreiner as she describes the basis for the Clinical Patient Special Needs Fund at Hospice & Community Care, which she helped establish. Learn how this Fund helps restore dignity…
  • “Providing Care for All”
    “It isn’t natural for a child to be in Hospice care,” shared Pam Acey, RN, Hospice & Community Care. “As parents you never want to think about end-of-life choices for your little ones, but it happens. And it’s difficult and emotional. The Clinical Patient Special Needs Fund is just one of the many ways that Hospice & Community Care lightens the financial burdens for families so that they can spend precious moments with their loved ones,” learn how…
  • Dementia Resource Kits
    Find out how the Dementia Resource Kits are helping to alleviate restlessness for patients with dementia, as well as wandering and combativeness related to their illness.
  • “Bringing Families Together” featuring Kelly Trach, Dolores and Snowflakes
    Kelly Trach has been a member of Hospice & Community Care’s Women’s Giving Circle since 2011. As a member, she has been instrumental in funding new and innovative projects and services to enhance Hospice’s care and comfort for patients and families. And one of those funded services, unbeknownst by Kelly, would hit close to home. Find out how…

Your Dollars at Work

Community support has served as the foundation for Hospice & Community Care, and continues to be a driving force for the organization’s sustainability and growth over the past 40 years. Thanks to the generosity of the community—whether financially, through donated items or serving as a volunteer – Hospice & Community has been able to ensure that each and every patient receives personalized care and comfort when they need it most. Here are some ways that your dollars are made a meaningful difference in 2019…