Bob Fryer & Family Inpatient Center

 Although most people prefer to stay at home, patients may need another level of care to manage pain or other difficult symptoms. Care is available for patients and their families at The Bob Fryer & Family Inpatient Center. Inpatient care is generally short-term and patients return home when symptoms are managed.

The Inpatient Center is designed to be a home away from home with bright, comfortable private rooms and plenty of space for family and friends to gather. The Inpatient Center is open 24 hours a day for visitors, and features living rooms and fully equipped kitchens so patients and their families can spend time together in a pleasant environment.

We understand making these decisions is complex and can seem overwhelming at times. There is no obligation to receive information, and families can always change their minds. The Bob Fryer & Family Inpatient Center is located at 4075 Old Harrisburg Pike, near Mount Joy. Click here for directions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Hospice & Community Care’s Inpatient Center?

The Inpatient Center is available for patients under a variety of circumstances. This centrally located facility offers the hospitality of 24 private rooms in a home-like atmosphere where families may visit 24 hours a day. Care is provided 24/7 by a team of nurses, aides, physicians, social workers and chaplains who work together to help the patient and family with what is most important to them.


What type of care is offered at this location?

The Inpatient Center is available for patients to come and go for short-term treatment of difficult or challenging symptoms. This option is typically offered when symptoms cannot be managed at home, with patients often returning home once symptoms are resolved. Some of these circumstances include pain, shortness of breath, nausea, advanced wounds, agitation, restlessness, and constipation.

How do you care for the caregiver, as well as the patient?

Becoming a full-time caregiver is both rewarding and sometimes challenging. At times, loved ones may feel overwhelmed or fatigued in this new role. While honoring a family’s preference to receive care at home, there may be times to consider the Inpatient Center as a temporary alternative to being at home.

Respite, or breaks for caregivers, are available to Hospice families for up to five days at a time on an occasional basis. While patients stay at the Inpatient Center for short-term stays, caregivers can rest, travel, go to appointments, or attend special events. During these stays, the Inpatient Center team follows the patient’s home care plan, and the patient’s physician continues to manage the patient’s care. Patients and/or their caregivers may choose to return home early from a respite stay.

What are the additional benefits of the Inpatient Center?

In addition to providing a high level of medical care for patients, the Inpatient Center provides the day to day caregiving to allow the family to focus on spending quality time with their loved ones. Our goal is to create an environment where patients and families can spend quality time together. We welcome families to gather for a meal in our family kitchens; nearby restaurants are also available. Patients have access to food in our kitchens.

Families also have access to a kiosk with a computer, Internet, and a printer in the living room of each wing. Families may connect to the Internet with their own devices.

Should I be concerned by the distance to the Inpatient Center from my house?

The Inpatient Center is centrally located off Route 283, approximately 15 minutes from downtown Lancaster, 30 minutes from Ephrata and 35 minutes from York. With 24/7 visitation, the Center is designed to be a home away from home with private rooms with home-like amenities, making it possible for family members to come when it’s convenient for them. Family members are welcome to stay the night in the patient’s room.

Isn’t the Inpatient Center a place patients go to die?

Patients often return home following a stay once their symptoms are under control. The vast majority of hospice care is provided at home. The purpose of inpatient hospice care is for short-term care to address challenging symptoms, such as pain and nausea.

Do patients get billed for using the Inpatient Center?

Care provided at the Bob Fryer & Family Inpatient Center is covered in full by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance. We will work with families to determine any costs associated with an inpatient stay.

What happens if I promised my loved one they could die at home?

Our team works collaboratively with patients, families, and the home hospice team to meet patients’ goals. Patients can return home at any time during their inpatient stay. Our goal is to manage a patient’s symptoms quickly and coordinate a plan to return home.

What happens if I don’t want to leave the Inpatient Center?

The Inpatient Center is designed for short-term stays. Our hospice team will work with patients and families to plan future care and determine the options available.

Is there a limit to how many times I use the Inpatient Center?

No. There are times when patients may have symptoms requiring multiple inpatient stays. Additionally, patients can use the Inpatient Center for caregiver breaks on an occasional basis. We work to make it a seamless transition between settings.


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