Online Brochures

For your convivence, please find our digital brochures below to share with your patients and caregivers who are facing end of life, coping with a serious illness or loss. To refer a patient to Hospice & Community Care, please CLICK HERE. 

Types of Care

Hospice Care

Hospice Care – Comfort during final months or weeks

Haciendo La Diferencia en el Cuidado al Paciente

Haciendo La Diferencia en el Cuidado al Paciente

Supportive Care – Support early in an illness

Inpatient Center

Bob Fryer & Family Inpatient Center

Sunflower Pediatric Program (For Physicians)

Sunflower Pediatric Program (For Parents/Guardians)

Advanced Care Planning

Advance Care Planning – Ensure your final wishes are honored

Grief Support

Grief and Bereavement Support











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