In Senior Care Facilities


Hospice & Community Care  provides care in senior care facilities or nursing homes, continuous care retirement communities, and in personal care homes with the same, high-quality and compassionate care provided to patients in their own homes. You will have the benefit of experts in long-term care working directly with experts in managing pain and other difficult symptoms, and the entire Hospice & Community Care team wherever a patient lives, providing you and your family with the highest level of quality care.

“Hospice & Community Care joined Mennonite Home in our Person-Centered Care journey to partner with the resident, families and members of our team to honor the voice of the resident.  Hospice staff interact as part of the resident’s care team, embracing not only the resident but also our staff to support the end-of-life journey.  They provide passion and comfort to all who have built relationships with residents receiving Hospice services.  End-of-life decisions are not always easy, but at Mennonite Home, with Hospice & Community Care as our partner, we are not alone in the journey.” 
Ginny Johnson, NHA, Nursing Home Administrator, Mennonite Home

Hospice & Community Care provides the same quality care regardless of where a patient resides. Whenever there is a change of setting we can assist with the transition to ensure the patient remains as comfortable as possible.

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