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24-Hour Phone Number

(717) 560-8141

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Dr. David Percy’s Story


David Percy took control of his life by calling Hospice & Community Care.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000 during a routine checkup Dr. David Percy had a successful surgery and was given a clean bill of health. One year later it came back and over 16 years he had three rounds of radiation, eight rounds of chemotherapy, tumor-fighting procedures and more hospital stays than he cared to remember. “We caught up with the research and there were no more options,” he said. It was during one such hospital stay that he and his wife were introduced to Hospice & Community Care. He made a choice to contact Hospice and that decision allowed David and his wife Sandy more control over the rest of his life.

Dr. Percy was a patient of Hospice & Community Care from January until the end of June, and he kept his Home Hospice team on their toes. He created a bond with his Hospice team, which included a social worker, hospice aides, a chaplain, volunteers, LPN and RN.

David Percy believed he had to make use of every day, and his team at Hospice & Community Care helped him do so. He and his nurse determined several goals that he wished to achieve, and with the support of his wife and this added control of his life he achieved them. One of his goals was to attend his oldest grandson’s graduation from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which was made possible with help from his York Home Hospice team.  “They think of all the little things,” he said. When the doctor first brought up Hospice & Community Care, “I thought Hospice would take control of my life but they did no such thing,” he said. “People wait too long to call for Hospice services.”

Dr. Percy was at home in York with his wife, something that was very important to him. Why?

“I get to eat my wife’s good food. I get to sleep in my water bed. I get to see everyone, not just friends and family but Hospice & Community Care staff.”

Dr. Percy set goals, one of which was attending his grandson’s graduation. How did Hospice & Community Care help?

“They made sure my medications were properly filled, and all of my supplies were ready for the time I would be away. They set up any assistance I would need when I was there in a way that neither I nor my wife would have to worry.”

“There is a segment of the population who equates hospice with a death sentence instead of a living sentence. We all want the best ending and Hospice & Community Care provides that.”  

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Contact Hospice & Community Care 24 hours a day (717) 560-8141 or toll-free (877) 506-0149.

Not sure if you’re ready or qualified for Hospice services? Our referral team can answer your questions: Lancaster Area (717) 391-2421, York Area (717) 885-0347.

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